Researcher Development Week


In order to become an effective researcher, one requires a very specific set of skills. And as simple as it may seem, the process of efficiently acquiring these can be more than a little hazy.

Enter Researcher Development Week, a new series of events (intended to be held annually) at Corsham Court between Monday 16th and Friday 20th of May 2016. Covering everything from open access to unconscious bias, training for chairing and becoming a digitally literate researcher, there is something for everyone, no matter the stage of their research career.

Each day is intended as a lens on a different topic. Monday will address issues of ethics, Tuesday will focus on social media, open access and ethical practices, Wednesday will deal with access to academia, Thursday centres on unconscious bias and Friday will feature training on examining, along with a creative practice sandpit.

Newsletter Pic 2.jpg

Not everything will have such a strict academic focus however, movies will also be shown! Specifically the PhD Movie and the PhD Movie 2, both based on the popular webcomic “Piled Higher and Deeper” will be played on Monday and Tuesday.

Wine receptions will also be held throughout the week (with non-alcoholic options for designated drivers), providing an excellent opportunity get to know your fellow researchers at Bath Spa University. Also, catered lunches will be held throughout the week.

Attendees will have ample opportunities for professional development, networking and personal growth, along with the chance to help establish a more coherent sense of community between researchers at Bath Spa University.

A bus service will also be run for those who would otherwise find getting to Corsham difficult, starting at Newton Park and stopping at Charlotte Street Car Park and Sion Hill before heading to Corsham Court.

So come along, and help make this a week to remember!

RDW Review Schedule.jpg

For the full programme of events, along with sign up facilities, please click here.

To keep up to date with all the latest researcher development events taking place at Bath Spa University, make sure to follow us on Twitter at @BathSpaResearch and also to keep checking the researcher development diary.


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