On 12th of April 2016, the first annual Bath Spa University “Professoriat” was held in Corsham Court. Bringing together professors from across the University and a variety of different disciplines and doctrines, it was a unique opportunity for Professors to network and meet like-minded individuals in a similar position.

The event was underpinned by a series of Pecha Kuchas (a style of presentation in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each, before moving to the next participant). Professor Georgina Andrews began proceedings, followed by Professors Owain Jones, Mariele Neudecker and David Almond. In the afternoon, a second set of Pecha Kuchas was presented by Professors Rob Mears, Sian Sullivan, Mike Tooby and Jo Hyde. The general quality of the presentations  was regarded as especially high, with each participant sticking well to the demanding and unusual schedule set.

Vice Chancellor Christina Slade attended, delivering the opening address in the morning, remarking,

“By engaging in the conversations throughout the event you will be contributing your knowledge and experience to develop the University strategy, the new research themes and the future direction of Bath Spa University”

As this event will now be run on an annual basis, this reflects the importance that it will now have in the University calendar moving forward, something that those who took part seem to have welcomed wholeheartedly,

“It was exciting to see how much research/art was being produced in similar fields. It made me feel good to belong to Bath Spa, and I got encouraging feedback for my presentation. All the Chairs were good, witty and brief. Nothing was ‘heavy’, though there was lots of content… Hopefully we can do more of this – and find a way of sharing it with students” commented Professor Maggie Gee, while Professor Kate Pullinger welcomed “more of the same, different presenters, more opportunities to continue to share research, and research practice.”

The next Professoriat will be held in April 2017.

To keep up to date with all Researcher Development events at Bath Spa University, we would like to recommend that you follow @BathSpaResearch on Twitter, where all the latest events (along with news relevant to researchers) is posted. There is also the option of checking out the Event and Workshop Diary on the Hub, or the Researcher Development sub-section of Bath Spa Live.

If you have any questions regarding the Professoriat, or any other event, please email


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