Why a Research Blog?

It is a simple matter of fact: within every university lies a deep pool of talent. From the students looking to further their education, to the academics taking on new research and pushing boundaries, each is a gathering of thousands of minds, something truly special.

But how can this be showcased? How can each individual have their moment to shine?

To cater for everyone, a platform must be equal, open and visible, but with a keen eye on quality; enter the BSU Research Blog.

This is the official research blog for Bath Spa University, aimed at helping to support and promote our research and researchers. Throughout the academic year, we aim to serve as a hub of news, research and useful information. Several series of articles on various themes will be run, focussing on PhDs, ESRs and others.


This begins with the “PhD Spotlight” series; inspired by the ethos of the 3 Minute Thesis Competition©. Challenging doctoral students to condense the message of their research into a digestible 300-word read, this is no easy task. So far three have taken the plunge, all of whom are 3MT alumni: Caroline Kuhn, Kate Langham and Ella Simpson.

If you would like to take part in the PhD Spotlight, please email s.cameron@bathspa.ac.uk for further information. Other pitches are also welcome, though we request that they relate to University business where possible.

The blog is also intended to be a useful resource for researchers across the University. Information about relevant grant activity, bid-writing and more will be posted regularly, along with interviews and more. If you have a research project that you would like see featured in the blog, please email s.cameron@bathspa.ac.uk to discuss further options. We are particularly interested in submissions that may be “REF” eligible




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