Weekly News – 06/01/2017

Welcome to the second edition of the BSU Research Blog weekly news bulletin, a regular recap of the most important research news and events at Bath Spa University.

If you would like an item to be featured here, please email researcher.development@bathspa.ac.uk (any featured items will also appear in the BSU Research Monthly)

Open Scores Lab

LAB4: Jennifer Walshe, Robert Luzar, Oogoo Maia

Wednesday 11 January 12 – 4pm, NP.CM.131

In the fourth lab we explore physicality and scoring. Robert Luzar will present recent video demonstrations and discuss their relationship with live performance, and Oogoo Maia considers the musician’s body as a site of music-making through a series of interactive games.

In the second part we welcome composer/performer Jennifer Walshe who will present some of her recent work using multiple notational strategies. Walshe’s work is inherently physical, with natural actions and real world sources framed and abstracted as material, often placing her voice at the centre. She is one of the most prominent international new music composers, and her work incorporates found text, movement, video, social media, visual imagery, objects and sound to create a hybridised form.

All welcome. For more information please see the Open Scores Lab website.

Disrupted Histories, Recovered Pasts

A project led by BSU, highlighted by Sian Sullivan, for more information please click here

A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis and Cross-Case Synthesis of Oral Histories and History in Post-Conflict and Postcolonial contexts

New article from Thomas Kampe included in the Journal for Dance and Somatic Practices

The text is now online, and is also due to be printed in early 2017. Click here for further info.



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