BSU Research News – 24/03/2017

Early Stage Researcher Conference 2017

Thursday 8th June 2017 will see Bath Spa University’s third annual Early Stage Researcher Conference descend on our beautiful Corsham Court Campus. Centering around the theme of ‘Impact’, postgraduates and ESR’s from across the University are invited to attend the free conference, to deliver and learn about all the research that is happening at BSU.

This year, we have two fantastic speakers, three amazing creative workshops, and a variety of formats through which to disseminate your research. Among these are a research image competition, “pecha kucha” presentations, as well as a number of  traditional panel and short panel presentations.

Find more on our conference website at Questions can be directed to the Committee Chair, Conor, at

Please note: the deadline for sign ups and submissions is 14th April 2017.

We hope to see you on June 8th!

peacock sign up (1)

Workshop focus: Creating Positive Change

Researchers are fantastic problem solvers. This one day workshop, held at Corsham Court on 21st March, was all about using those problem-solving skills to make positive change. Whether it’s empowering less able-bodied people in third world countries, community farming, or health care innovation, we all have ideas that can make a difference.

Bringing together researchers from the Universities of Bristol, Exeter, West of England, and Bath Spa, students learned how to make ideas a reality. With input from local entrepreneurs, participants had time to collaborate, explore and communicate their project ideas. There was also practical advice and support to hand about how to make their ideas come to life, and learn more about social enterprise, ethical business, and innovation. 

A few testimonials from the day…

“It was great workshop that allowed us to explore the potential ‘real world’ and commercial applications of our research to make positive changes for society which we may not otherwise have had the platform to think about.” 

“I went into the event feeling that as an academic person, my usefulness is mainly theoretical. The event helped me see that theoretical ideas are often the starting point for real-world change, by introducing case studies of PhD students who had made practical applications of their research.”

“Interesting and dynamic!”

To find out about other BSU Research events, please visit our events page:

3 Minute Thesis 2017: The winners…

On average, presenting the entirety of an 80,000 word thesis would take upwards of 9 hours. But what if you had 180 seconds, with only one slide? The 3 Minute Thesis Competition is a unique opportunity for Ph.D. students, and 2017 saw the second inaugural competition held at Newton Park. With a fantastic turn out and vibrant atmosphere, presentations covered a range of subject areas, from photography to music, whilst touching on more topical issues such as refugee integration.

The competition will run again in 2018, but in the meantime, a film of the 2017 competitor’s talks and a selection of photographs can be viewed on the 3MT webpage. Our aspiring winners are pictured below.

A big thanks again to all those who took part!



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