BSU Research News – 23/06/2017

Welcome to this week’s BSU Research News blog: a weekly bulletin of research activities happening at Bath Spa University!

This week’s blog will take a look at events occurring next week and the Arts & Humanities Research Council Research and Film Awards – deadline approaching!

Professorial Lecture: David Almond!

David Almond, award winning author who received the Hans Christian Anderson Award (deemed to be the most prestigious award in children’s literature), is exploring the nature of creativity via a lecture in our own Commons TV Studio next Wednesday!
And the best part is… THERE ARE STILL A FEW SPACES LEFT!!
David Almond by Donna Lisa Healy to Bath Spa.jpg
“Professor David Almond (Creative Writing) will be giving a lecture as part of our Professorial Lecture Series, 2016-17.
David Almond’s work is published in over 40 languages, is performed on major stages, and has brought a string of literary awards from around the world. He collaborates with leading artists, composers, musicians, directors. His work is experimental, boundary-breaking, popular and critically acclaimed. And yet he writes about the North in northern language, and he writes for children, and he is deeply influenced by Catholicism.

In this lecture, David explores the nature of human creativity. He questions the supposed barriers between different arts forms, and between adults’ and children’s culture. He questions the supposed gulf between the metropolis and the region. He suggests that, like children, we need to be more playful, to cast aside our cultural inhibitions, and to make art together to create a better world.”

To find out more and book a place, please go to the Research Development Page.

Creative Practice Methodologies Seminar!

Do you struggle with contextualising your creative practice as academic research?
Is the thesis that you are writing making your hair fall out?
Do your PhD give you puzzled looks when you discuss research methodologies?
Yes? Then this seminar is for you!
Commons 136, Newton Park Campus, Bath Spa University

In this seminar aimed at PhD students and staff supervising creative practice or practice-based PhDs, Dr Donna Hancox from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) will offer an interactive introduction to understanding and developing creative practice research methodologies. Dr Hancox will present the work that she has done at QUT to help students undertaking practice-based PhDs conceptualise and develop their research methodologies. She will present the framework that she has developed to evaluate creative and other non-traditional research outputs as part of the research quality agenda being developed by Australian universities. The seminar will be interactive and a number of case studies will be discussed.

donna hancox
This seminar is hosted by: Making Books: Creativity, Print Culture, and the Digital for more information please visit their website!



Just three weeks left to apply for the AHRC Research in Film Awards!!

Academics and filmmakers are being encouraged to enter their work into the 2017 Research in Film Awards, organised by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.
The competition closes on Thursday 6 July at 16:00!
The awards are designed to recognise and reward the mass of work created in the relationship between research and film, and to celebrate the work and fantastic contributions made by researchers, practitioners and filmmakers in the arts and humanities research community.

There are five categories in total, including four aimed at the research community:
1) Best Research Film of the Year
2) Best Doctoral or Early Career Film
3) Innovation Award and the International Development Award
5) Mobilising Global Voices
6) The Inspiration Award
(The Inspiration Award returns for the third year and offers a fantastic opportunity for members of the public to be involved while receiving recognition for their work!)
The winning filmmakers in each category will receive £2,000 towards their film-making activities and will be honoured at an awards ceremony this November at the prestigious 195 Piccadilly in London, the home of BAFTA.
To find out more, follow this link to the Arts & Humanities Research Council Website!

Make your way to the Research Development Bath Spa Live Page for more information on upcoming events!

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