Bath Spa University Research News Blog: 25th May

Happy GDPR Day! Hopefully everyone has completed any training or sorting they need to do to keep themselves up to date with all the regulations and is looking forward to a GDPR-less Bank Holiday weekend!!


Notification – PTES

For MA lecturers and MA course leaders – please remind and encourage your students to complete the 2018 Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES), this is a crucial survey for the university and we’d love an excellent turn-out! So please include a note at the end of your seminar or lecturer – or maybe even email! Thank you for your help!


Events Coming Up!



Over this Bank Holiday Weekend, Bath Spa University’s Dr Alexandra Campbell will be working with the Bristol Aquarium’s May Half-Term campaign ‘The Big Blue’ to talk about all things plastic. The #OceanMatters weekend event and research exhibition aims to capitalise on the recent swell in public awareness of ocean plastics by bringing local communities into contact with the global scale of plastic pollution through a blend of art and activism. Through a series of fun, free, and interactive talks, workshops and film screenings, the weekend will bring together a range of artists, academics and activists to illuminate the hazards, visible and invisible, local and global, of plastic debris.

Drawn on Sound

Compton CP103

Wednesday 30th May 2-4pm

Motivated by a desire to make the music score more versatile and more useful to a wider range of performers and performance traditions, composer Stevie Wishart challenges the confines of Western notation as defined by notation software developers. Despite all the musical and linguistic experiments of the last century, the root of all published and performed music continues to be a transcription in staff notation, whereas, a closely described improvisation method would sometimes be a more articulate source. Why can’t we inscribe sound as adventurously as a choreologist can record an improvised dance or a film-maker ‘storyboard’ a film? When colour is so abundant in visual culture and when the dynamics and density of colour are such rich sources of signs and signals, why should music notation continue to be so doggedly monotone? How can we disentangle or re-integrate the scored, improvised and spontaneous aspects of musicianship to extend the boundaries of composition and enable performers to engage more freely with new work?

Stevie Wishart’s renewed investigation focuses on a series of experimental case studies and involves a collaboration with Kevin Mount, a print designer and typographer. Their examples draw on choreology, information design and visual communication practice but are connected to techniques derived from pre-Romantic music and oral traditions such as embellishment, improvisation and heterophony.


ESR Conference!

The ESR Conference is nearly upon us! On 14th June at Corsham Court, all ESRs are invited to attend for a full day of panels and addresses – please register online here!

To view the full conference programme please click here!

Impact Articles!

A few to tickle your fancy!


International guidelines for an effective process of research impact assessment.

Read the full article!

‘How should we balance the research impact ecosystem?’ by Jenny Ames.

Read more!


Have a wonderful Bank Holiday Weekend!

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