Research News Blog – Bath Spa University: 15th June

Wishing you all a warm, sunny weekend! Before you jet off though, check out the following – articles to interest and events which may make you want to change your plans…!!

Corsham Court Community Open Day!

Corsham Court 2

This Saturday (16th June), the annual Corsham Court Food Festival will be taking place, and Corsham Court will be throwing it’s doors open throughout the festival to tempt visitors and locals alike into the ground to visit both the Court and Bath Spa University!

From 11am – 4pm the schedule of free events begin! For both adults and children! Featuring ‘Practical Magic’ with David Almond and ‘The Art Of Making Choices’ with Thomas Kampe! Check out the programme below and come along!

Corsham Court Open Day Pg1

tate exchange

Tate Exchange Project: Inventory of Behaviours

Tate Exchange, 19 – 22 June 2018
Tuesday – Thursday, 12pm – 6pm
Fri 12pm – 10pm
Admission free

Focused on the rituals, traits, habits and conditions that surround the production of art, Inventory of Behaviours is developed by artists Jo Addison & Natasha Kidd.

In advance of this participatory event, artists are invited to set out guidelines on how to behave in the physical, digital, or psychological spaces in which their art is made. Preparations, patterns, neuroses and procrastinations form the basis of instructions by student, early career and seasoned artists alike and for four days in June these will be offered up to the public at Tate Modern. It is here that young people, community groups, commuters and welcome visitors are invited to observe and engage in daily enactments of the ordinary daily routines of artists. ‘I transition seamlessly, from list-making to retrieving my email to cleaning my desk to moving stuff all over my studio, constantly reassuring myself that everything eventually finds its place, including me. At my lost and found, it may get lost and it may never be found, but count on me to look busy, searching’. (Michael Smith, 2009)

As the site of these small but significant dramas, the vast 5th floor of the Blavatnik Building becomes a factory floor where assistants in overalls guide visitors through making zones. An improvised manual for enactments, the full collection of artists’ instructions is printed and updated daily, with a selection continually screened and transmitted by automatic text-to speech software across the floor. Visitors can view the performances and enactments of others as they scroll across monitors and projectors.

Open discussion: Friday 22 June 3-5pm

On the final day, an open discussion brings invited specialists from a variety of disciplines to reflect on what the
Inventory of Behaviours can tell us about the conditions of the production of artworks today, what implications this might have for making and learning and how this is contextualised by works in Tate’s collection.

Performances re-staged: Friday 22 June 5-10pm

Tate Exchange, Level 5 Blavatnik Building, Tate Modern SE1 9TG

Articles of Interest!

Making Research Visible

By Nicola Osbourne Blogs, EDINA

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